Articles by Dr. Eli

Selected Online publications by Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

  • The Psalms: A Hebraic Small Group Bible Study Guide
  • Rereading 2 Kings 5: The Gospel in Israel’s War Story?
  • Jesus and Samaritan Woman: Reading a Familiar Story Differently (with Lisa Loden)
  • The Sabbath-Keeping in Qumran: Important Background on Jesus’ Polemic with the Pharisees
  • The Jewish Sabbath: What Took Place in “Between the Testaments”?
  • Aphrahat and the Jews: Conclusions of My Doctoral Dissertation
  • Prayer in the Context of Christian-Jewish Polemic: Reflections on Aphrahat’s Treatise
  • Demonstrations of Aphrahat: A Conversation with the Jews of Mesopotamia
  • The Story of Interpretation: From the First Century to the Twenty First