An Interview With Mark Nanos: A Jewish View Of Apostle Paul

Dr. Mark Nanos is a reform Jew who studies St. Paul as a Jewish historian, seeking to recover him for Judaism for the sake of Christian-Jewish relations in the post-Holocaust world. He has been a friend and a critic of “New Perspective on Paul” view on Pauline writings (much more a friend than a critic). This was a skype interview with him done by folks at Criswel College.


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    i am very glad to learn the biblical in hebreu it is ineressant for me, but i can’t speak in english very much, i learn in english three months ago.I vvant to learnt in english
    and i demande ,I want to learn with for you please if you want to speak for me
    thank you!

  2. Chris Haven

    Does Dr. Nanos address passages like 1 Cor. 9, where Paul seems to indicate that he has the right (if not obligation) to set aside law keeping practices when he ministers to gentiles? If not, are there any resources that do address that issue?

    1. Dr. Cheryl Durham

      Chris, I see that this is an old comment, however, I was wondering if you have gotten an answer for your question?

  3. Sonia Willats

    I very much appreciated your sharing this interview and hope to be able to follow the thread one day. This would deal with much of my own struggle. What a humble and knowledgeable man.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg


  4. elijahworkz

    Thank you, Eli for posting this. It was very interesting – made me buy the book about 4 views on Paul. I’ve read N.T. Right’s books on Paul but I’ve never heard of Dr. Nanos.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Reading on New Perspective on Paul and not reading Mark Nanos is like reading on Marxism-Leninism, reading Marx and not Lenin :-). Now… this is probably exaggeration, but not a big one 🙂 🙂 :-).

      Start from his Mystery of Romans.


      1. elijahworkz

        Ok, great! Thank you for recommendation!

  5. Rev Dr Gail Smit

    Every Christian should get back to the Jewish roots of their faith. A greater understanding between Christians and Jews will follow.
    Thanks Dr Eli for an excellent forum.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Thanks, Dr. Smith for your encouragement to all of us.