Broken Body (poem By Lisa Loden, Central Israel)

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The broken body
not only limps,
it stumbles upon itself,
tangles in multiple fractures,
shrouding the semblance
of divine image
gone spastic.

The ruptured body
walks wounded,
configures out of control,
its unaligned confusion
becoming convulsive.
Divine life lost
in the plummet to paroxysm.

Ultimately rendered dead,
slowly shriveled
by winds of doctrine
or perhaps heresy
that breathe, caress the almost corpse
of the sidelined, sick
beloved son.

Destined to rise victorious
after the end,
traversing death’s kingdom
crowned with victor’s thorns,
unbent by the immolated sacrifice
of the whole burnt offering,
offered and accepted.

The once broken body
suffers healing.
Wounds allayed by
gifts of oil and wine
bestowed on the Jericho road,
succored to again walk whole,
entwined in redemption’s dance.

© Lisa Loden (2013)

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  1. Susan W

    I agree with Dr Eli. “pause and…ponder”. Deep intend and lovely. I’m so glad the story (and the poem has a happy ending! Thanks be to our God for redemption. Praise ye the LORD.

  2. Gustavo Vargas Angel

    Dear Dr.:
    That poem almost let me knock out. Please, warn me!
    Best for you!

  3. samuel

    DR. Lizorkin-Eyzenberg.Gusto en saludarlo,el poema de la maestra Lisa Loden es profundo e inspirador,me gusto mucho que me lo aprenderé y en su momento lo recitare ante mis hermanos de la iglesia presbiteriana de mi localidad,le prometo mandarle el vídeo,Gracias por compartirlo.que DIOS lo bendiga.

  4. Dr.Michael Wodlinger

    I was moved and deeply touched by Lisa’s poem. Thank you. We often glance over the actual sacrifice of our Passover Lamb and tend to relegate it to a second place in relation to His Resurrection. One of the reasons Adonai asked the family to keep the Passover lamb at the home for 4 days was to teach children the meaning of sacrifice, when they witnessed their new pet and best friend being slaughtered. Understanding sacrifice is difficult learning.

  5. Myriam Leah Luzatti

    It is a G-dly prayer, Lisa. Strong and fragile at the same time. Thank you. It reaches deep into the heart and it soothes the soul. May G-d continue to enlighten your mind and inspire your words.

  6. Elaine Cochrane

    This is most profound. It touches so many emotions and thoughts.
    This is deep calling to deep
    Thank you for beauty so wide it could be read a hundred times and never be fully grasped.

  7. Fr. David Neuhaus

    A prayer that is offered for healing from the wounds inflicted by heartless men and women. A prayer that opens the closed horizons with hope that comes from a loving God. Thank you Lisa. Your words seem inspired.

  8. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

    I consider Lisa Loden one of my closest friends and most significant mentors. This poem in my judgement is so deep that one must pause if not after each line, then after each paragraph, taking the time to reread and ponder it again.