Ensign For The Nations: The Heilsgeschichtligher Phase Of Messianic Reunification In Luke-acts

by James T. Mace

All OT scholars know of the prophetic theme of reunification of the divided kingdoms of north Israel and south Judah. Despite its prominence in passages cited by the NT , only a paucity of scholars take account of the theme but, even then, not in much depth. One exception is Brant Pitre, who identifies the Israel Jesus fails to reunite as still exiled in the east.

I propose in the first division of the paper to synthesize a hermeneutical paradigm from the prophets, in line with a similar ideology in Chronicles, and then show Samaritans as likely candidates to inherit the reunification promise. In the second division, I will confirm that this hermeneutic plausibly reads Luke-Acts as indicating fulfillment of the prophesied messianic reunification of all Israel, both Judaeans and Samaritans, in a phase of Heilsgeschichte necessarily preceding incorporation of Gentiles.


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