The Gospel Of The Memra: Jewish Binitarianism And The Prologue To John

By Prof. Daniel Boyarin

Most Christian and Jewish scholars have been heavily invested in asserting the radical difference and total separation of Christianity from Judaism at a very early period… One of the clearest symbols of this separation at the theological level has been the centrality of Logos theology in Christianity from a very early date, a Logos theology that has been considered to have very little to do with “authentic” or “proper” Palestinian Judaism…

But Jewish theology itself had been for centuries “open towards the thinking of antiquity,” and the binary opposition between the Jewish and the Hellenistic (as well as the binary opposition between Palestinian and Hellenistic Judaism) requires major rethinking. Judaism is, from the very beginning, from its very origins, a Hellenistic form of culture. Rabbinic Judaism, on the other hand, can be seen as a nativist reaction movement that imagines itself a community free of Hellenism…



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