Rethinking The “paul And Judaism” Paradigm: Why Not “paul’s Judaism”? By Mark Nanos

When New Testament scholars address the topic of “Paul and Judaism,” the conjunction generally signals an adversative: Paul or Judaism; Paul against Judaism; Paul outside of Judaism; or Paul, not Judaism. Traditionally, the emphasis is on the distance between Paul’s new religion based upon Jesus Christ and Judaism, his former religion. The level of continuity or discontinuity assessed differs from interpreter to interpreter, but a shared perception remains assumed, if not argued: the religious life of Paul’s communities, Paulinism, and the religious life of Jewish communities, Judaism, including Jewish Christianity, represent two fundamentally different religious systems.

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Mark D. Nanos (University of Kansas), is a Jewish scholar who specializes on reading the Apostle Paul from within Judaism, an approach that offers new ways to conceptualize Paul’s teaching and communities as well as the potential for more promising Christian-Jewish relations. Many papers and reviews are available at his web site:

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