The Jewish Annotated New Testament (amy-jill Levine, Vanderbilt University And Marc Z. Brettler, Brendais University)


Although major New Testament figures–Jesus and Paul, Peter and James, Jesus’ mother Mary and Mary Magdalene–were Jews, living in a culture steeped in Jewish history, beliefs, and practices, there has never been an edition of the New Testament that addresses its Jewish background and the culture from which it grew–until now. In The Jewish Annotated New Testament, eminent experts under the general editorship of Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Z. Brettler put these writings back into the context of their original authors and audiences. And they explain how these writings have affected the relations of Jews and Christians over the past two thousand years.

An international team of Jewish only scholars introduces and annotates the Gospels, Acts, Letters, and Revelation from Jewish perspectives, in the New Revised Standard Version translation. They show how Jewish practices and writings, particularly the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, influenced the New Testament writers. From this perspective, readers gain new insight into the New Testament’s meaning and significance. In addition, thirty essays on historical and religious topics–Divine Beings, Jesus in Jewish thought, Parables and Midrash, Mysticism, Jewish Family Life, Messianic Movements, Dead Sea Scrolls, questions of the New Testament and anti-Judaism, and others–bring the Jewish context of the New Testament to the fore, enabling all readers to see these writings both in their original contexts and in the history of interpretation. For readers unfamiliar with Christian language and customs, there are explanations of such matters as the Eucharist, the significance of baptism, and “original sin.”

For non-Jewish readers interested in the Jewish roots of Christianity and for Jewish readers who want a New Testament that neither proselytizes for Christianity nor denigrates Judaism, The Jewish Annotated New Testament is an essential volume that places these writings in a context that will enlighten students, professionals, and general readers.

Amy-Jill Levine is University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies, E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Professor of New Testament Studies, and Professor of Jewish Studies at the Divinity School, College of Arts and Science, Graduate Department of Religion, and Program in Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN

Marc Z. Brettler is Dora Golding Professor of Biblical Studies at Brandeis University.


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  1. Kessedjian

    I would like to order this “Jewish Annotated New Testament” for since a long time I’m looking for this kind of book to enter more deeply in an hebraic approach of the New Testament. Could you tell me too if it could be possible to find out too those DVDs of Prof. Levine’s lectures (OT & NT). I live in France. Many thanks. Shalom. Marthe Kessedjian.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Dear Marthe, we do not sell this book. But you can have it ordered through any good store in France I am sure as well or something like

      Do google on Prof. Levine’s lectures. There is a lot of it on the web in various contexts. Make sure you sign up for the blog. eli

  2. Linda Fentner

    I am very interested in participating in this blog. Count me in. Toda raba. Shalom

  3. Ilya Gromov


    This is a great tool. Thanks for sharing.

    I bought it some time ago – it is very helpful and insightful, I highly recommend it both for pastors preparing sermons as well as just for personal devotional reading.

  4. Laurie Hathaway

    Where can I purchase a copy of this?

    Thank you 🙂


    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      If you r in us any store can sell it to you or order it for you.

  5. Rick Moorefield

    There are copies available of the Hebrew NT (Brit Chadesha)in Hebrew. Are you referencing this translation at all? I would love to get involved in this blog/class. Also, do you teach in Hebrew or English, or is there a transliteration of one for the other while you teach.

    Rick Moorefield MDiv

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      I am not sure to what copies you are referring to. If you are simply talking about Hebrew translations of NT, then you can find it in the second paragraph on this page ( Modern Hebrew is taught in Hebrew the best to learn, the Biblical Hebrew is taught in English. You can watch some samples lessons. We have channels on Youtube search for eTeacherBiblical YouTube channels.

  6. Pedro Ortiz

    Prof Eli, I am excited of the usage of this NT edition. I have attended Prof. Levine’s lectures via DVD and she is awesume!! I commend you in your choice. Of course the lectures a heard were on the OT so her comments and views will be new material for me. Toda raba. Shalom

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      She is an excellent scholar and free-minded one!

  7. eli

    Christi, we want to be of service to you making the tools for biblical studies available to you and your friends!

  8. Christi

    So glad to find this and your blog. I love unlocking the meanings behind the scriptures. So many layers. God bless this whole endeavor!