Julia Blum

Julia Blum

Professor (Discovering Hebrew Bible/Jewish Background of New Testament)

A Few Words About Julia Blum

Julia Blum is a teacher and writer working for Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, as well an independent writer and lecturer. In Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, she teaches biblical courses and writes Hebrew insights for these courses. Since July 2016, she has been administrating and writing weekly articles for the Jewish Studies blog.


Julia holds a Master’s Degree. She studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tallinn Institute of Philosophy and History (Estonia), and Tartu University (Estonia).  Her religious studies focused on the interactions between early Jewish and Christian thought and on the Jewish background of the New Testament. She is passionate about restoring the Jewish roots of the New Testament and teaching Jews and Christians alike to understand the New Testament as a Jewish book. She is also passionate about the Hebrew Bible, and loves studying and teaching the Bible and incorporating Hebrew insights into these studies. She regularly appears as a speaker at various international conferences, writes Bible commentaries for different sites, and has been doing weekly Torah lessons at Netiviyah Bible Instruction radio.

More about Julia

Julia lives with her family in a small town, Mevasseret Zion, next to Jerusalem. (The name of the town comes from the book of Isaiah (Isa 40:9) and means: “Bringing good news to Zion”).
Julia has authored several books on biblical topics which have been translated into several languages and published in different countries (Israel, US, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Russia).

You can find Julia’s books on Amazon by clicking here


If You Are The Son of God (2nd edition)
The One Who Sees Me Lives (2nd edition)
As Though Hiding His Face
Abraham Had Two Sons (2nd edition)