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There are tools that are needed to mine the depths of the biblical texts. There are also many perspectives that enrich our study, like the perspective of first century Judaism. This site is one of those rare resources that provides both tools and perspective for the serious student of Scripture.

– Dr. Allen Mawhinney, A Retired Academic Dean, Reformed Theological Seminary

Unlocking The New Testament: The Last Supper (1)

If you have ever been to Israel, you may have visited Mini Israel Park—a wonderful attraction that offers hundreds of exact replica models of the most important sites of Israel. There are…

Unlocking The New Testament: The Last Week (2)

Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem   So, by now we know why Jesus entered Jerusalem on a Sunday. We know from the book of Exodus that on the 10th of Nisan, the Passover…

Unlocking The New Testament: The Last Week (1)

My dear readers, as we draw closer to the Passover and Easter season, we are back to our “Unlocking the New Testament” series. In these Passover reflections, you will see that the…

The Book And The Festival (2)

THE REVELATION OF THE HIDDEN  As I mentioned last time, Purim is not among the holidays that God ordered Israel to keep – you won’t find it in Leviticus 23. Why do…

The Book And The Festival (1)

Almost everywhere, the festival of Purim is celebrated on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar. This year, in most places Purim began on Wednesday evening, March 20 and continued through Thursday, March 21….

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