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There are tools that are needed to mine the depths of the biblical texts. There are also many perspectives that enrich our study, like the perspective of first century Judaism. This site is one of those rare resources that provides both tools and perspective for the serious student of Scripture.

– Dr. Allen Mawhinney, A Retired Academic Dean, Reformed Theological Seminary

The Book Of Enoch (2): The Sin Of The Watchers

THE BOOK OF THE WATCHERS Last time we began by speaking about “the Jewish scene in the time of Jesus”[1] and the necessity to understand who else was on this scene besides…

The Book Of Enoch (1): Why Would We Want To Read It?

THE JEWISH SCENE IN THE TIME OF JESUS Those readers who have followed my blog for a while, know that I love series. There have been many series on this blog already:…

Who Is My Neighbor?

SERMON ON THE MOUNT AND TORAH PORTION   Even among non-Christians, there is a general consensus that Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is the greatest moral discourse ever given. Have you ever…

Biblical Portraits: Judah (finale)

  JUDAH AND HIS BROTHERS Last time, we left off our story just after the cup had been found in Benjamin’s sack. I suppose you understand that this already was a test….

Biblical Potraits: Judah (5)

BACK IN CANAAN   We are back to our biblical portrait – but before we arrive at that scene and the speech of Judah that not only precedes, but actually causes Joseph’s…

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