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We now have over 32,000 people in our Blog Study Group Jewish Studies for Christians. Last year we successfully expended into Spanish and Portuguese languages (About half of our group today).  This could not have happened without committed work of our Spanish and Portuguese volunteers. Thank you, my dear friends! You made this happen!

My vision for this year’s growth is to open up the blog’s resources to the Chinese-speaking Christ-followers who have almost no access to the Jewish Background of New Testament, but have great interest to learn!

I am, therefore, announcing three volunteer positions opening this year:

1)      Translator from English into Chinese (Mandarin)

2)      Editor for Chinese texts we will produce (Mandarin)

3)      PR/Marketing coordinator

My expectations: You will work 5-10 hrs per week. We need to first translate the basic material on the blog and then to catch up to our current 2015 study of the book of Revelation in Its Jewish Context (We have begun chapter 2 now). Once this is done. Our translator/s should be able to translate 1-2 pages (one post) each week until the study is completed.

Qualifications: Biblical literacy, Chinese as mother tongue, BA level minimum, commitment to the importance of historical and cultural study of the New Testament scriptures.

Interview: If you are able and willing to fulfill these tasks, please, write me at, expressing your provisional desire to help me with this. We will then agree to talk by SKYPE and decide together on how to proceed. If you happened to reside in Shanghai, perhaps, we can arrange a meeting. I will be there between April 7-16 this year. Thanks to my faithful supporters!


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  1. Jason

    Thank you so much for doing this for Chinese Christian readers

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Dear Jason, thank you for your comment and welcome to Jewish Studies for Christians!