Rosh Hashanah Greetings And Gift

The High Holy Days are almost here!  As the people of Israel are about to be steeped  in  apples and honey and festive meals,  in  synagogues,  prayers and shofars,  I would like to use this wonderful opportunity to wish you all a very blessed Year! Rosh Hashanah presents a special opportunity to celebrate with our King and to grow in our efforts to remain close to Him throughout the coming year. I know,  this is the desire of your hearts, and I thank the Lord for each one of you. It has been a joy and a privilege to have such appreciative readers – to get to know you and to serve you.

New Year is a time of gifts, so here is my Rosh Hashanah gift to you: if you go to this link, you can download a free copy of my book “Abraham had two sons”. Sending this book to you as a Rosh Ha Shanah gift, has a special meaning:  the book is about Isaac and Ishmael – about Genesis 21 and Genesis 22 – and these chapters are the Torah readings for the two days of Rosh Ha-Shanah. Each New Year Genesis 21 and 22 are read in every synagogue. Clearly, this means that both chapters and both stories bear great significance to the fate of Israel. Why? What is this significance and what is it all about? This is the mystery you will find unfolded in this book. Here is the link:


May you have a blessed Jewish New Year! L’SHANAH TOVAH!

About the author

Julia BlumJulia is a teacher and an author of several books on biblical topics. She teaches two biblical courses at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, “Discovering the Hebrew Bible” and “Jewish Background of the New Testament”, and writes Hebrew insights for these courses.

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  1. Noemí Logwiniuk

    Muchas gracias ! Tienen este libro en español?

    1. Julia Blum

      No, Noemi, sorry, it’s only in English.

  2. Angeline

    Todah, Julia. You are a blessing to us. This generous gift is very much appreciated. Thank you again. God’s blessings for you and your family in the New Year.


  3. Angelika Walter

    Shana tovah, Julia!
    I thank the Lord for you, too – it is really a gift to listen to your teaching.
    With all my best wishes for you and your family,

  4. Mayela de Molina

    תודה רבה לך ! Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Muchas gracias Julia! It will be a pleasure to read it!

  5. Esmarelda Adams

    Shana tovah!
    Many blessings to you and your family!

  6. Therese

    Dear Julia, Many thanks for your gift and I certainly will read your book. In the meantime I wish you and your family a happy, healthy Rosh Hashanah.
    Shalom Therese .

  7. jane z mazzola

    Thank you, Julia, for this generous gift. It has been a pleasure to read this book & another of yours, & most especially, to read your posts here & participate w/comments.

    Blessings to you & those beloved to you,
    Jane Mazzola

  8. Rosana

    Thank you so much, Mrs. Blum!
    Have a sweet and blessed New Year!
    Shalom Shalom

  9. James Campbell

    Shana Tova peace in the new year

  10. Tony Taylor

    Thank you for the gift. What a blessing!