The Jewish Study Bible (edited By Adele Berlin, Marc Zvi Brettler, Michael A. Fishbane)

The Jewish Study Bible is a one-volume resource tailored especially for the needs of students of the Hebrew Bible. It is an excellent resource for the use by Christian pastors and lay believers. Nearly forty scholars worldwide contributed to the translation and interpretation of the Jewish Study Bible, representing the best of Jewish biblical scholarship available today. A committee of highly-respected biblical scholars and rabbis from the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Judaism movements produced this modern translation.

The Jewish Study Bible uses The Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation, whose name is an acronym formed from the Hebrew initials of the three sections into which the Hebrew Bible is traditionally divided (Torah, Instruction; Nevi’im, Prophets; and Kethubim, Writings).

Since its publication, the Jewish Study Bible has become one of the most popular volumes in Oxford’s celebrated line of bibles. The quality of scholarship, easy-to-navigate format, and vibrant supplementary features bring the ancient text to life. The Jewish Study Bible is a perfect, uniquely affordable resource for both students and general readers.

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  1. Linda gachie

    DR Eli, in Math 27:4b we see the word ”You see to us” a response from the chief priests and again same word is repeated by pontias in v24b any illustration on this?

  2. Linda gachie

    Just joined and look forward to learn a bundle of hebrew lessons. God bless

  3. Elisheba

    Dr. Eli

    I cannot thank you enough for the awesome work you’re doing in bringing the Scriptures to clarity and understanding to us who are ‘the wild olive shoot’ crafted to the Cultivated Olive Tree.’ How do I get a hold on the Jewish Study Bible? My heartfelt Thank you. Elisheba.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      I think you can order it from stores like rather easily. Blessings, Elisheva! Dr. Eli

  4. Bourhis Alain-Michel

    In witch languages is this book : I mean :
    English only
    hebrew – English
    any other languages.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      I believe at the moment this book is only in English.

  5. Juan

    Dear Dr. Eli,

    I hope that the receipt of this email will find you well, I have written to ask about the excellent literature that appears on your website, I want to know if the books are in English or in Spanish there are options for the Hispanic people,

    Without further and hoping that this email is accepted, I take leave from Chile,


    Apreciado Dr. Eli,

    Espero que al recibo del presente correo se encuentre usted bien, le he escrito para consultar por la excelente literatura que aparece en vuestra pagina web, me interesa saber si están los libros en ingles o hay opciones en Español para el pueblo hispano,

    Sin otro particular y esperando que este correo sea aceptado, me despido desde Chile,


    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Dear Juan, you need to search by authors, perhaps, some of it is already translated. I do not know. But all books I recommend in this site is in English. Trust you will find something suitable for yourself and others in Chile! Blessings and peace!

  6. Daniel

    A quick question, Zech 12:10, …and they will look upon ME… I have argued for the Hebrew translation of ‘me’ like many translations, KJ, etc … do you have any info on this translation? Even David Stern translated it “and they will look upon the ONE”… This is such a crucial scripture, especially the context. Is there anything definitive?