Galilee Center For Studies In Jewish-christian Relations: Envisioning A Better Tomorrow

This brief video tells about the work of the Galilee Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations led by Dr Faydra Shapiro.

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  1. susan franks

    i am sure many people feel the same way

  2. Sonia Willats

    I would love to come to see the college one day, and participate in a program. I believe that Jeshua is Messiah, but otherwise identify with Judaism. I feel, generally, that I can never belong in a church. Yet I cannot be accepted as a Jew either, because of my belief in Messiah.

    There are probably many people “trapped between the worlds” – yet this should not be so, as Jeshua was a Jew of Jews (to my understanding) and a great rabbi. When I lived in Israel I was always looking for the right rabbi. I found my rabbi and my Saviour at the same time. To me, Jeshua is the Passover lamb per Rev 5 etc. So we keep Passover, but definitely not Easter etc.

    So it is good to read about your centre. (Sometimes I have thought of writing to Rabbi Riskin and David Nekrutman because I feel a bit lost out here… as I cannot belong fully in either group – Judaism of Christianity. (Dr Eli’s website has been a great solace to me in this respect.)

    So wonderful to read about your Centre and one day …כאשר שאוכל לעלות שוב פעם לארץ… אנסה לבוא לסבקר!