The Treasures Of The Jewish Literature

Jewish New Testament

By now you have figured out that we believe the New Testament is Jewish literature!  Each time I and my team teach the Jewish background of New Testament course we receive both fantastic feedback and many questions. This tells me just how much people need this and how many misunderstandings there are on this topic. That is exactly why we prepared 30 truly unique LIVE interactive lectures to cover almost all things at the crossroads of New Testament and Jewish Studies. The average reader of the New Testament translation misses so much when reading its inspirational words without knowledge of the historical and cultural background – without looking into Koine Judeo-Greek and Biblical Hebrew behind it; without even being aware of the prevailing theologies of that day as well as being aware of his or her own blind spots. This course will revolutionize your Bible Study and equip you to teach New Testament scriptures in both a unique and balanced way. To begin explore it click HERE. 

Discovering the Hebrew Bible

In addition to that, it is not a secret that the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) lays the foundation of the New Testament, and understanding one without the other is impossible. Yet for reasons I do not fully understand, people spend a disproportionate amount of time studying the New Testament, while the Hebrew Bible is often deemed to be irrelevant and simply outdated.  If you enroll into my latest course – Discovering the Hebrew Bible – you will unearth its treasures and these powerful ancient scriptures will transform your life! A true inductive study of the Hebrew Bible usually requires a degree of mastery of Biblical Hebrew, because English cannot always capture precisely what the Hebrew expresses.  That is where our lecturers are able to walk you through tremendous new insights that many other educators simply cannot.  I sincerely hope you will take me up on this offer – sign up and study with me and my faculty. Rabbi Hillel, the grandfather of great Gamaliel once said: “Don’t say I will study, when I will have the time to study, perhaps, you will never have such a time”. Take the Rabbi’s challenge seriously.  Click to explore HERE.


Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg
Dean of the Faculty of the Jewish Studies

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Dr. Eli Lizorkin-EyzenbergTo secure your spot in our new course “The Jewish Background of New Testament” - CLICK HERE NOW

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  1. Steve Willmann

    I agree on the not taking phone calls. I want the info in an email also. Course outlines and costs etc.

  2. Jane Z. Mazzola

    Hello again, Julia,

    I am considering…I would like to see, though, 1. an outline of the topics, 2. the date to begin, AND 3. the cost. I don’t expect you to have to do that kind of administrative detail, but maybe an office or marketing person can.

    I really prefer NOT to have one of those calls again. Reasons:
    1. The connections generally are not good.
    2. If I don’t answer at the time, I do not have c-phone international service to return the calls, hence a waste of time & creation of frustration for both parties.
    3. I prefer seeing it in writing so that I can refer back to the info.

    Sorry to be such a pain @ this & I don’t want to cut out someone’s commission, if that is the why all the marketing calls, but it is better business to me!
    4. Of immediate: I’ll be on a long road trip for several days as of tomorrow, & I find it difficult to take calls like marketing.

  3. Jane Z. Mazzola

    I am interested in this course, “Discovering the Hebrew Bible”; however, will it be a basic repeat of those courses I have taken? I am listening, while driving, to the total Hebrew Scriptures, @ 3-4x’s/cd. It is such a different way of learning the Scriptures from reading (which I have done also).
    My point w/that info, remains what does this course cover? Listing of lectures? When?

    Continued blessings for you, in my prayers.
    Jane M

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Hi, this is Julia. I am managing this blog. I think you should talk to one of our representatives who have full information about it. Please, leave your info here –

      1. Jane Z. Mazzola

        Hello Julia,

        Thank you for your response. Actually, I think my name/info is posted all over eTeacher’s sites, so that probably wouldn’t be necessary!

        However, in re-reading the little paragraphs @ this course, I read, “requiring a significant level of interpretative skills & knowledge of Hebrew culture…”. I do not have those professional skills or that extensive knowledge. It seems the appropriate student should be at least a seminary student. I would be a “lost dog” or time waster for this class environment; hence, I think it best that I forego this one.

        Blessings, thank you again, & Shalom, Jane M

        1. Prof. Julia Blum

          Shalom Jane, I just wanted to mention that in my DHB classes ( I am teaching 5 classes at the moment) I have a lot of students without any knowledge of Hebrew – and they still enjoy the classes tremendously (according to their words). This is a wonderful course, and its a blessing for me to see how excited the students are. I have a feeling that you would enjoy it greatly!

  4. Jason Williams

    God bless you!

  5. Mary Pike

    Looks like perhaps my time has come to study from this perspective . Just curious, how did you get my name? Etc.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Mary, welcome to our forum. We hope you will find to be a great place to learn and grow!