Holiday Greetings From The Temple Institute In Jerusalem (shavout/pentacost)

This is a talk by Rabbi Chaim Richman, an Orthodox Jew who is the director of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem.

Disclaimer:  I think that for a Christian this video may help to connect with the topics that are interesting and important.  In my next post I will briefly discuss Christian Anti-Judaism and misconceptions associated with it.  I do not endorse, nor do I personally support the work of the institute for various reasons. I feel, however, that this video is very helpful and informative.  What do you think? Please, comment!

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  1. Gail smit

    I understand it this way (maybe simplistically) – The Feasts of the Lord were for Israel to keep literally. When Jesus came He personally fulfilled them. This now allows the Church (all believers) to apply them. In other words- the Feasts had a pre-Cross meaning (Israel), a meaning at the Cross (Jesus), and a post-Cross meaning (the church).
    The Firstfruits- speak of the Israelites in the Old Covenant Period coming out from the Red Sea to freedom and then progressing to Mt Sinai to receive the Torah. The Firstfruits in the New Testament period speaks of Jesus coming out of the tomb/ Resurrection. In the present age we can apply it to the individual because when we are baptised (go through the ‘Red Sea) we die to our old selves and we are resurrected into a life in Christ. i.e. A new creation walking in holiness.
    Jesus is the firstborn of many brethren. We, as we give our lives to Christ, start to walk with Him. He was first! Jesus is also the first fruits- Why? Because before He was resurrected, He ‘waved’ / presented Himself to His Father – almost like the sheaf that was waved before the Lord in the Temple the day before Sabbath. Christ was resurrected the day after Sabbath.
    Interestingly – At the time we would normally celebrate Pentecost coincides with the time Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the Torah. At that time there was wind and fire on the mountain. 3000 Israelites died at this time. When the Holy Spirit came onto the Apostles it was at Pentecost. There was wind and fire. At that time Peter preached and 3000 were SAVED.
    Jesus – Jesus is the first fruit. We follow Him.
    These feasts now belong to all believers because we personally in our walk with God – experience Passover as we die to ourselves when we give our life to Jesus and enter covenant with Him. The first fruits are when we are baptised and live for Christ. Personal Pentecost is when we receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit eg: speaking in tongues, prophecy etc. We need to Tabernacle with God – walk in intimacy with Him. However- the Feast of Trumpets can indicate the Rapture, the Day of Atonement may mean the believers entering into pure holiness and Feast of Tabernacles meaning the New Jerusalem when it comes down. Therefore the final 3 feasts are future events still to be fulfilled.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Thanks, Gail. I am always (that’s my nature) doubtful of neatly worked out systems :-), but thank you so much for sharing your view on this. It is important that all be exposed to verities of legitimate interpretive options. Trust you are well.

  2. Louis Lau

    Dr. Eli, thank you so much for this hint. Listening to Chaim Richman gives me a feeling of coming home, and like with all homes I do not agree with everything that’s showing up. For me, living ten thousand miles away from the Temple Mount (but near the Bavarian mountains) the question of a “real” third temple does not feel very real. Coming home means. I feel the joy and the richness in every word, and that the speaker himself is bringing his first fruits, e.g. his being devoted to all mankind, which is such a great gift. Thank you so much, Dr. Eli.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg


  3. Rosa Juarez

    Dr Eli the example of the first fruits of this in the scriptures are interesting for those who analyze in depth the scriptures, because Yahshua is for us the example of death and resurrection as a offering hands! And for that store never come within our hearts the fear of death and if we have a better hope. I am not sure if I understand Dr Eli ? And you think of this? sorry but in my coments before i can’t explanain this thing. thank u i thik so this is much better.