An Interview With Ariel Cohen Alloro (a Jewish Hassid That Thinks That Jesus Is Messiah)

There are all kinds of somewhat strange (and really strange) things about this video and about Ariel Cohen Alloro. But it is surely intriguing to watch it and no doubt would be interesting to discuss it too within our study group. (You will have to get over the two participants’ interrupting each other a lot and the self-made feel of this video). In spite of the obvious problems with presentation, I present this video for your critical attention. (If you cannot see it in your browser because of the country restriction. You can go to and search for Ariel Cohen Alloro Interview Part 2).

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  1. Terry Tzaneros

    From the Tree of The Lying Serpent of Death = 358 to The Tree of the Truth-Speaking Messiah of Life = 358

  2. Gemika Maloney

    I always hold my final conclusions until a matter is fully understood, and the language barrier makes that hard, but Ariel’s recognition of messiah Yeshua and the fundamental tenets of Christianity (in a deeper way than we understand) such as the significance of the cross, the trinity, redemption, grace and so on offer a compelling case that he is correct and onto historically significant insights.

  3. David

    I sincerely bless the Lord for the exciting revelations in our time, for those who are the conduit and messengers of HaShem’s blessing not only to Israel, and Christians but to all mankind. I realize that the Lord, many times, chooses people who could not fully reconcile their election. One of such people is Cohen Alloro for he thought he was just doing a simple research; the result of which was not in the least of his mind, belief and desire. I’m very sure that with this great revelation and insight that has been granted to him like Paul, would make him to be a vessel of great importance, during this end time, in the house of G-d. May our prayers go to the Lord for his support for success.

  4. joanne

    Shabbat Shalom

    Eli I know it may be a bit late but I want to personally thank you for sharing this interview. I have spent the last couple weeks listening to and reading a lot of new resources that this interview has opened up for me. These are very fascinating times we live in and this study group has become one of the highlights of each new week for me. Thank you for your openness to explore different spiritual insights and views with us and your dedication.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Dear Joanne,

      I am grateful for your comment. May we continue to think God’s thoughts after him.

      Dr. Eli

  5. Bezi Gina

    Well I agree with Eric in many aspects. There is no differences between people like race, color, nationality, not even if is a man or woman, there is One Lord for everyone, one single faith and one believe that one given to saints.The differences between people is just what spirit they have. Yes there are different roles yet One Living God. It is important who He is for me if He is my King, and He is, than the living Tora is in the same manner actual for my life no matter what or who am I. I mean that only He is able to clean the Word from many plus but also from many minus, in the way He chose, for shore in love. I believe that Moshe bring us the Tora and Jeshua HaMassiah bring the Tora and the grace. These both the judgement and the grace has to work hand in hand in every lives. WE all need the Jews to bring, explain and live the Tora, and Christianity have to repent because of killing the older brother and stop to dis consider the Tora and stop the replacement theology on every level. People like Ariel and other hassids are the precious treasure of God for these times and the times are coming.
    I feel the Gematria and other Kabbala mysticism had aspects what are not good, I say yes for explanations of semantic aspects and symbols of the Word. The Word is clear and saint.
    Sorry for my bad English.

  6. Eric de Jesús Rodríguez Mendoza



    I also want to put here my experience with Rabbi Mosheh Ohana, a Cabalist Rabbi, which had the same and erroneous ideas of Ariel about the faith of Israel as viewed by Yehoshua’ and the apostles:

    The principal point of discussion was and is, the “faith of the sages”. He said he was a “deptor” to the sages, because they never made mistakes… so, in this case, Ariel states a Gentile need/must or have to convert to judaism, that is, Rabinic judaism, judaism that denies Yehoshua’ to be able of considering a real observant, and excuse me you all, this is not correct.

    The problem with Rabbis and traditional judaism , was and is judging or thinking in only a way/form/method to the fulfillment of commandments (the faith of the Sages), when even they (The Rabbis) can’t explain certain halachot, such as how the Biblical totaphot טוטפות became the tephilin תפילין, or why the Mezuzah has current form of a “box”.

    Thus, being correct that Yehoshúa’ is Qorban Pesach, (Passover sacrifice), is also certain the circumcision we need today, is not that on the flesh, but that on the heart, as was writen:
    Dt. 30:1-6

    Now, what is most important? circumcision on flesh or on heart? certainly on heart without refusing that on fleshed, but NOT by an ‘ot (signal) anyone can say: “you are a second class” or “this is not for you, you aren’t a jew”.

    Torah was given to all nations, because was writen:
    Dt 29:10-16. Then, must I be circumcised? No! Avraham was called without any circumcision and received promises… or… ¿Only when I get circumcised is the neshamah coming back to me? NO! is when your heart is cicumcised and you became a believer.
    So, commandments OF GOD, are free, not closed or reserved to the unique interpretation or view of the Rabis, pending indeed of receiving he Light of the World, our Master Yehoshúa’ hamashiach chay veqayam (living and true)

  7. Eric de Jesús Rodríguez Mendoza


    Here are the gematriyot given in the conversation:
    Grace, Chen = חן = 58 = נח Noaj, Noah
    yimach = ימח = 10+40+8 = 58
    shmo שמו = ; 300+40+6 = 346 His name,
    Thus, the idea is like saying: “His name is Yimach” (=Chen, grace).
    Messiah is the essence of all the torah
    snake = Najash = נחש = 50+8+300 = 358
    and משיח = Mashiaj = 40+300+10+8 = 358
    Yitzjaq Mashiaj Chen = yimach
    zeh chazir yachzor = this pig will return (in repentance)
    ערום = 70+200+6+40 = 316 = nacked
    ישו = 316 = Yeshu (a distorcioned form for Jesus)
    ציפור = 90+10+80+6+200 = 386 = Bird
    עשיו = 70+300+10+6 = 386 = Esau = terrenal
    = 80+300+6+9 = 395 = Simply
    נשמה = 50+300+40+5 = 395 = Neshamah
    ע = 70 represents breath which comes from top
    צמח = the renueval/growing = 90+40+8 = 138
    בן אלהים Son of God = 2+50 + 1+30+5+10+40 = 138
    שכוי = The rooster, cock, כישו = as Yeshu (both words has the same letters in different orders

  8. Bezi

    Dear Eric we all need and have to learn and knowing God is a lifetime experience. About what you
    said that Ariel told there is all right. The person of Jeshua is in the same time The son of David and
    in the same time he was the adopted Son of Joseph and theSon of God Jesus who proved that He is
    the HaMassiah. After His resurection also He is the Great Priest and in the same time He is our Father because He is the Eternal One. And if I will continue during all my life to tell all His Names I never will end, because so manny names He has. Blessed be He. Of course that in the same time
    there is no othet God just One, the Living One. The beauty of the holy language is that there are manny simbols and we need Him to understand what He want to tell us in specific time and in specific context. He was the same God never changing with His people from the begin until the end.
    Regards .

    1. Eric de Jesús Rodríguez Mendoza


      SHalom Bezi!
      Baruch Haba’!
      Glory to our God!

  9. Eric de Jesús Rodríguez Mendoza


    Most of the explanations of Ariel are beautiful, but I must say he still need to learn that there aren’t two Messiah, there are not Ben Yosef and Ben David apart, no! The Lord is one and his name is one!
    These explanations are a short exposition of all that is hidden or ignored by Christians in general, and is also an example of the level of conversations between Sha’ul/Paul and Jewish scholars; indeed gematriya’ was used!!!
    אור העולם = 1+6+200+5+70+6+30+40 = 358 = ‘or ha’olam = The light of this World
    358 = 40+300+10+8 = משיח = Mashiaj = The Messiah

  10. Louie Modling

    For me I appreciated the gifts of the Interviewer and Ariel. I felt that the zeal of Ariel and his attention to detail in the Scriptures was important, and I felt that the Interviewer understood these points. Yet I also saw that the Interviewer was faced with the struggle of needing the discussion to focus on a few less details so that some simple points could be made to a larger audience who do not possess the vast details of Ariel. It was simply a great discussion of two men one trying to give detail and depth and the other trying to keep things a little simpler so that the viewers could better understand. So, thanks to both men.

    I have often wondered about the deeper meaning of the snake on the pole, and this interview helped me understand it better. So when we take the Messiah (Jesus) and cast him to the ground he becomes a snake that bites us. But when we lift Him up, He is our healer of everything. Now since the Torah is the written description of the Messiah, it (the Torah) has Blessings and Curses written within it. The Curses are the snake that bites and the Blessings are the lifting up of Messiah (Jesus). Casting Jesus to the ground is done by breaking Torah (lawlessness) and lifting Him up is done by Torah obedience. This is simple profound truth. So as Jews and Christians we partly obey Torah in many ways, but we break Torah by making it impossible (via our traditions of man) for others to obey Jesus (who is the Torah).
    Blessed is he who comes in the name of Yehovah … the name of Messiah is the Word of God for it is written “His name is called the Word of God” … therefore blessed is Ariel and blessed is the Interviewer because they came together to explain the Word of God, who is Yeshua HaMashiach. Amen!

  11. Geraldine Murphy

    Reply to Ariel Cohen Alloro
    G-D is Light ,even for the wild shoots of Jessie.
    Having watched and listened to the discussion with the two gentlemen I did not feel it was evenly balanced out surely it should be a Christian discussing Jesus Christ with Ariel Cohen Alloro? I did not get the impression that Ariel Cohen Alloro believes Jesus is the Messiah.
    I liked Ariel’s interpretation of Spirit, I would compare it to John 3:2:35. Its great to have this forum.It would be great to have a fruitful connection between Jews and Christians. Thanks to Dr Eli Eyzenberg for his effort to project co-operation between Faiths. As I am currently studying biblical Hebrew I would strongly recommend it to others to assist them in understanding Judaism it is a wonderful experience.

    Geraldine Murphy

  12. Mary Anne

    Based on this interview, I got the impression Ariel possesses the truth of Jesus. While it may not be the Full light at this point, it is the light of Jesus nonetheless (we all have our own measure of light but as long as we believe, we are on the right track). The fact that he is an Orthodox Jew makes this all the more exciting. To me, this signals that the hand of God is moving in a dramatic way using people like him (and there are probably very few that are like him!) to “spread the Word” to” – not only to the Jewish orthodoxy, but the Christian orthodoxy as well..

    This is very timely from my perspective: a very learned Orthodox Jewish Biblical scholar who recognizes (and boldly voices) the pressing need to bring believing Jews and Christians together – through God’s Word – since we all believe in salvation through Jesus.

    What I found particularly interesting is that while the younger interviewer apparently was also a believer in Jesus, but he was steeped in the “legality” and “semantics” of the Word, rather than the spiritual Truths of the Word. I also sensed (but perhaps I misinterpreted) that the interviewer does, in fact, believe in Jesus – but that Jesus is only the Messiah to the Jews alone. Ariel tried his best to disabuse the interviewer of this faulty notion. In fact, it was amusing when Ariel intimated, in answer to the interviewer’s question, that if Christians want to “become” Jews, let them go ahead and do so as there is no harm in doing so – but it is of no consequence either in that this will not bring them any closer to Jesus. He was quite a lovable and insightful character!

    It was clear to me that Ariel knows that the Word (both Old – the Jewish books – and New Testaments) points to Jesus as the Messiah and is meant for both believing Jew and Gentile, equally. What I loved in particular that Ariel said (which says it all) was that Jesus (“is God by Himself”) – there is no other.

    Good stuff.

  13. Carol Karp

    The author appears to be using a simple method of numerology. I used it in my classroom ,having students find what their names look like in different systems. Here A=1, but you can start A with any value. A=3 or 5 or any number. This gives us many options with any interpretations you can come up with.
    The scriptures themselves give us a far more cogent argument for Jesus being the Jewish Messiah.
    By the way, the video was difficult to understand because of the poor sound quality.

  14. Kostya

    Thank you for posting this Dr Eli. I learned so much about Hassidut, Gematria, Kaballah and especially how to be patient and gracious to a person who thinks he knows everything and has forgotten to listen.

  15. Ann Johnstone

    Thank you for that, Eli. On reflection, I did came across rather extreme in what I said and, for the sake of brevity, did not express myself well I would never want to suggest that it is a simplistic black and white argument by any means. I merely see it in terms of minor emphasis. There was certainly symbolism in Greek philosophy, just as there is logical thinking in Hebrew writings. Perhaps my thinking was also influenced by the two languages themselves: Koine Greek being one of the most grammatically consistent languages I’ve come across. And yet I prefer Hebrew. And of course English is the least consistent of any language I know! As for Gematria/Numerology, that’s a whole different ball game! I realize there are many who do take that to an extreme, finding hidden meaning in many biblical passages. It is interesting, but not entirely convincing, IMO.

  16. Ann Johnstone

    A fascinating video, full of symbolism and many interesting correlations that confirmed, for me, the totally different thought processes involved when people from different cultures approach Judaism and Christianity. I am a student of both Greek and Hebrew, and as such, I had an interesting discussion with my son yesterday on a similar topic, where I maintained that the Greek and Hebrew ways of thinking are quite different: the former being a logical, linear progression whereas the Hebrew is far more dependent on symbolism and less on simple, logical thinking where one problem has one solution. For example, to the Greek mind, one prophecy must have one fulfilment; to the Hebrew mind, it can often have more than one. Such is the case with the Messianic prophecies of Isaiah.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Ann, hi. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am not sure I agree with you. Please, let me explain. You see there very different ways of thinking in Jewish sources too some are more linear and some are not. We can of course speak in terms of emphasis, but not really of Jewish vs. Greek mind (although this idea is very popular). For example prophecy fulfillment that is used so much in Matthew is almost absent in most other Jewish sources, BUT it is a method of choice of many Dead Sea Scrolls works. What I am saying is that the matter is more complicated than simply dividing it in these two black and white categories. Let us keep thinking together on this one, OK?

  17. Jennifer

    …this is my first time in a forum like this. Before I make any comments I would like to see if I’m proceeding correctly.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Jennifer, welcome. The only think I ask of participant is to be respectful of one another and to keep their comments relatively to the point :-). Once again welcome.

  18. Juan Montero

    Que hermoso y necesario es el entendimiento entre hermanos hebreos y cristianos.

  19. Carol Wanamaker

    I love how you worded your conviction, which is the same as mine: IN THE END BOTH CHRISTIANITY AND JUDAISM WILL COME TOGETHER AS EACH REALIZES BOTH ITS OWN ERRORS AND EACH OTHER’S TRUTHS. I sometimes use the metaphor that EACH ONE HOLDS THE KEYS TO THE OTHER’S LOST or LOCKED ROOM OF TREASURES. Thank you so much for writing what you did. I would like to follow your site even though I remember almost nothing of the Russian I learned years ago. Is there any way to access a translation of some of it?

    1. elijahworkz

      Thank you, Carol… re: my blog – the only way to read it in English for now is through Google translator 🙁

  20. Grace

    Dr. Eli, I think you have to break down this message for us. The whole numbering system and how it affects meaning is a bit complicated. No wonder Yeshua-ben-David, the Messiah made it easier for us to follow Hashim.
    Actually, the interruption helped. I don’t think I’d have understood anything at all from Ariel. He says the whole Torah talks about the Messiah. have you read his book to give us a bit of insight?

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Gematria is indeed a complecated system that can be very easy to those who took the time to master it. You can do you own basic research and what it is, but I though you could start here – and here

      I did not read his book. I am just now beginning to make my mind up about all of this 🙂 together with you. This is the wonderful thing about our group. I am learning together with everyone here.

      You clearly have some Gematria going on. This is also not as out-landish as it may first seem for example one of the top new testament scholars

      Richard Bauckham sees clear Gematria use in 153 fish that disciples cought after Jesus resurrection ( this is just to give one example.

      Am I comfortable with this method? No :-), but even I can’t help but acknowledge that there is some at least limited use of it in New Testament in particular.

  21. Bezi Gina

    I do agree with Ariel, I’m happy to find some answers for my life through this conversation.
    God be blessed forever ! We live very hard times, yet JESHUA HAMASSIAH is WONDERFUL. Baruch Hashem !

  22. Ray Luff

    Jesus said “Seek and you will find” (Luke 11.19). I believer that Ariel Cohen Alloro has been willing to seek the truth regarding the salvation offered to the Jews and to the Goyim (Other nations). I however think he has not fully found the answer as of yet. But it is interesting to see the discussion regarding his search. And I believe the search is regarding the Messiah through all the Tanakh as Ariel has said. I believe that the truth is revealed in the scriptures and we need to understand it in our thinking. God says “Come Let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow” (Isaiah 1.18) But we must then receive what we have found. John said “But to as many as received Him (the Messiah) to them he gave the right to be called the children of God.” (John 1.12). We must learn about the Messiah as Ariel is doing but then we must also receive the Messiah in order to take this knowledge to its logical conclusion which I don’t think Ariel has yet done. To emphasis again that the Messiah is taught throughout the Tanakh and our searching must begin there as Arial has said. Jesus taught the men on the road to Emmaus all about Himself from the Tanakh. He did not have a New Testament available to use to explain Himself to them.

    And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself. (SKJV – Simplified King James Version (BIBLE DOOR TRACTS, 2010), Lk 24:27.)

  23. elijahworkz

    It’s an interesting albeit sometimes hard to understand video. It just confirms my conviction that in the end both Christianity and Judaism will come together and realize both its own errors and each other’s truths.

    1. Diogo Cavalcanti

      Excellent take, Mr. Elijah!

      I think exactly the same, not only from a historical perspective of the offenses commited by each side (infinitely more by Christians! by the way, I’m a Cristian) and the need of acknowledgement of sins, repentance and forgiveness, but also from a theological standpoint. We are two brothers (Shem and Japhet) that are suffering alone, away from each other in the cold weather, but needing each other desperatly. In my view (please forgive my sharp words!), Christians in general are more like lost sheeps, carried by the winds of culture. Jews, in their turn, have a profound comprehension of Hashem, but have lost the main component of their religion – sacrifice, propitiation. In Scriptures, there is no forgiveness without sacrifice. Jesus provided the real sacrifice prefigurated in the ancient Scriptures — the sacrifice announced 700 years before, in Isaiah 53.

      According to Revelation 12:17; 14:12 God’s people in the last days would be those who “keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony/faith of Jesus Christ” — they have the Law AND the Messiah. For example, the most of Christianity have faith in Jesus, but doesn’t keep the commandments of God, specially the Sabbath. The Jews are right to stand for an institution stablished in Eden, confirmed in the Sinai and reafirmed by Jesus (Matt 5:17-19; 12:8) and His apostles (Acts 16:13). The most of Christianity have the Sunday — a day officially imported from a heathen tradition by Constantin/Catholic Church in the 4th and 5th centuries – and bought by almost all protestant/evangelical branches.

      So, if we believe that the Scriptures are the word of God, we will see not only the real Messiah in them, but also the moral God’s commandments (not man’s). Both are intertwined. The Psalm 1, for example, talks about the Law, and Psalm 2, about the Anoited one. God’s Word is deep!

      It leads us to a great reunion of Japhet and Shem (Gen 9:27) that already hapenned in first century, but wil happen again, but in full power in the end of times, that is: now! God doesn’t have a plan for the Jews and another for Christians (this is Greek dicotomy, Greek residual philosophy in evangelical theology). God has only one plan for Jews and Gentiles: salvation by faith in Christ, the Messiah. Both will be in the New Jerusalem, both will sit with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Matt 8:11). There is only one plan of salvation and no distinction of peoples (Gen 12:3; John 3:16; Rom 10:12).

      I strongly believe that many, many Jews were and will be saved even without having accepted the Messiah, because they were not given the opportunity to know Him. Sadly, Christians painted before them another Jesus that wasn’t that the real One. When the real Jesus be preached — that is: the preaching of the “eternal gospel” (Rv 14:6; Mt 24:14) — all Israel (col Israel = the Israelites + the Israel by faith, Dt 29:10-15; 1Kgs 8:41-43, 65) will be gloriously (Rm 11:12) united around the Messiah and his Word, and then He will come back in glory as the King of Kings (Melech Ha Melachim, Rev 19:16). Then everyone, specially the Israelites, will say: “Blessed is he that come in the name of the Lord” (Matt. 23:39).

      This is not only my dream, but a strong prophecy.

      Forgive me for the long comment. It wasn’t planned, just happened… 🙂
      Shalom everyone!
      In Jesus,

      1. Juan Montero

        ¡Magnífica y bien documentada reflexión! Reciba mi mas cordial saludo.

        1. Eric de Jesús Rodríguez Mendoza


          Hola Juan!
          gracias por tu consideración, no dejes de acompañarnos en estos foros!