Introducing Prof. Julia Blum

Shalom, friends!

I wanted to take this opportunity and thank everyone for following Jewish Studies Blog! I trust you have found it to be wonderful addition to your ongoing exploration of the Holy Scriptures.

Today I have a bitter/sweet news to pass on to you today. Due to several important factors I have decided to accept an offer to become a Research Fellow at Jezreel Valley Academic College in Northern Israel, which will allow me to concentrate on my new research interests in the area of Jewish and Christian Studies. This means that I will be finishing my duties at eTeacherGroup shortly and will be handing over my duties to my friend and colleague Prof. Julia Blum (or simply Julia Blum as she liked to be called). She has graciously agreed to take over administration of the Jewish Studies Blog from me for which I am grateful.

Few words about Julia. Julia is a well-known Messianic Jewish author with an MA degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is very talented person with wonderful outgoing personality. No doubt she will bring a fresh insight into your study as you continue to follow the Jewish Studies Blog.

Finally, I wanted to thank you for making my time at eTeacherGroup to be full of wonderful memories!

Please, encourage Julia in her new task as you see hew posts appear on the blog and I trust that together you continue to both think and act upon the things in life that truly matter.

In His firm grip,

Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg


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