The Jewish Background Of The New Testament Course (feb. 2014)



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Dr. Eli Lizorkin-EyzenbergTo secure your spot in our new course “The Jewish Background of New Testament” - CLICK HERE NOW

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  1. John Steedy Chunga

    I opt in. The God of Israel is Awesome. In our time we will reconnect with original Jewish way of worship. Worship that was originally intended for mankind before distortions. I want to believe that these studies will bring to the fore so much insight into Biblical revelations. Our God is Great. Yeshua is Great.

  2. david

    desde Chile cordial shalom Dr….me programare para ver cursos .!!

  3. Natã Gomes

    This is an awesome initiative.
    I hope I’ll be able to participate.

    May God help you in this quest.

  4. Andrew More

    I am very excited about this upcoming course on Jewish Studies for Christians. I have great respect for Dr. Lizorkin-Eyzenberg and his commitment to opening the veil that stands between these two religious traditions. I am sure that this course will be rewarding to all who participate, and I hope that it will further the conversation about the God we are worship and serve.

  5. José Luis Alvarado G

    Hi, Dr. Eli, I just want to know if you have this course for spanish speakers. Thanks

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      It will be in recorded and daubed version about 3 months from the start of the first English lesson which is February.

  6. Michael McGrath

    Dr. Eli,
    I am unable to access the cost or how to enroll in the course “Introduction to Jewish Studies for Christians (Basic Concepts).

    Thank you for your help.

    Michael McGrath

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Michael, hi. Stay in touch this information should be out in a month or so.

  7. Mercedes Pascual

    I am interested in enrolling.

  8. Dolores Luthi

    I am not sure what they mean by Website. I have an iMac and browser I think is what Sahari is called. I am undecided as yet whether to take your course. I am supposed to start a Masters program in January at Liberty University. Having had no academic background in Bible, I wonder if I should maybe take your course? How much will make a difference. Are you acquainted with Friends of Israel? I find your remarks and other remarks very helpful and sometimes even words I look up in the dictionary do not come close to your or others clarification of what I am looking for in words. I look forward to hearing what tuition is or your advice in signing up. Dolores

  9. Michele Uhrle

    I am so grateful to Dr Eli for his generosity in teaching the Jewish studies for Christians.
    I have always felt like something was missing from my understanding, and those gaps are now being filled.

    Thank you so much

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Michele, welcome to our study group. Blessings and much peace, Dr. Eli

  10. RamonAntonio

    Well, I thought I have almost read everything in this posts but every once in a while we get surprised. A new contributor who is a man of science, a presbyterian and a geologist… all in the same God loving package! And he even loves the Jewish heritage and is proud to say it!
    Well, after all, Dr. Eli, your search to unite us in a single effort to quest for God and Jesus is indeed making a great concoction.
    So be very welcome Dr. PEreira, I look forth to your insight and comments from so a vast and ample background which you will discover soon is not a knot that ties you but a rope which we all may eventually have to grasp united.
    And remember, most of this started with an unknown stone altar builder who was called by God to start a really long trip to an unknown land. In the way he, Abram, built 4 altars. Then he taught his sons to continue building altars wherever they got. And Jewish tradition is deeply an unequivocally tied to the location of those altars that Abraham and his descendants built… Not bad for an apprentice geologist… Maybe you should give us light in this kind of geology…