Jesus Kept Kosher (prof. Daniel Boyarin)

In his talk “Jesus Kept Kosher” Prof. Daniel Boyarin argues that Mark 7:19 passage “Thus He (Jesus) declared all foods clean” has been misunderstood.

Daniel Boyarin is a professor of Talmudic Culture at University of California at Berkeley.  There is a saying that goes something like this: “Religion exists to comfort the disturbed, and to disturb the comforted.” When I think of this saying I think of Daniel Boyarin.

To watch this fascinating 15 minutes movie, please, click HERE.  You will not be disappointing. I guarantee it.


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  1. Cornelia

    I am a Christian. My Bible contains the verse under discussion here. We are taught exactly the explanation the gentleman gives. It is only in the Book of Acts that a change occurs.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      The old translations (KJV) has the verse. I am glad to hear about your report.

  2. Prafulkumar (AKA VIctor)

    First and foremost i wish all my Brothers and Sister Happy Christmas and a happy new year. God Bless you all. this is one nation i Respect and love with all my Heart
    In The Name Of Adonai Elohim Shalom Brothers

  3. Prof. Henrietta van Winsen

    Hi Eli

    Is it at all possible to have a copy of Prof Boyarin’s argument. I always say that My greates enemy is the tradition of translation – but perhaps i should rather say the tradition of wilfully wrong translations.



  4. Kat

    I have had to study many articles on this site and undo a lot of former misunderstandings, poor vocabulary and misapplied texts, but finally I can agree. The problem I had is “If any man hath ears to hear, let him hear”
    Common translations change the meaning of the text by calling attention to the need for repentance thus the healing is forgiveness ( the sacrifice Jesus). (Isaiah 6:10, Mark 4:12 )
    Couldn’t Jesus be speaking of the gift (Holy Spirit), rather than the sacrifice and the need to turn to God? Since we cannot love God and hate our brothers the word “clean” surely does not imply lawlessness or forgiveness, but rather the finger of God?

    1. Brad Thompson

      Read Psalm 109:30,31. I believe in the absolute truth that all the life-energy of created beings, their existence, and any salvation that comes to them, derives only from G d. God created human beings with a brain. The brain has the ability of intellectual thought. When the first human became aware of evil, they became aware of their evil inclinations (Gen 2:8,9; 3:1-7). These evil inclinations are …”those that condemn his soul.” However, we are also judged by “the good” within us.

      1. Kat

        Brad, first let me say that the word repentance is often interchanged with the word confession of sin, yet Hebrews 6:6 says we need only to repent once. This is why I have to separate the sacrifice from the gift (Hebrews 8:3) Taking the statement “Jesus declared all meats clean”. Since eating any meat isn’t wrong it points to a higher motivation for making choices, not legalism. I have thought a lot about the Parable of the seed and what made my heart “good”. The only good thing in me was what God revealed about Himself 🙂

    2. Brad Thompson

      Read Matthew 17:20,21. Evil inclinations will not have any power within us because God, more specifically God’s Holy Spirit, comes to aid our good inclinations. If we have faith in the Truth of God’s Word, then the good inside us will prevail over the evil inclinations. The help God grants us is the glow of divine light that illuminates our soul. Jesus Christ (God’s Son and Living Word), God’s Written Word, and God’s Holy Spirit is the divine light that illuminates our soul.

  5. Katy

    That got posted before I could edit it!

  6. Katy

    Comes I believe we will all be humbled before the great King. Either way, Israel will be restored, Jerusalem will be a praise in all the earth and corruption will be abolished! It’s so sad that all these people are suffering, living in terror and oppression just because they believe different or have come to a different revelation. Christ was a human rights advocate in defense of the Jewish people against the persecution of Rome. He was a very strict Pharisee quoting if you even look at a woman lustfully you’ve committed adultery. He kept all the Jewish traditions and holy days, was crucified on Passover in the Tim on unleavened bread and rolls on first fruits. With the L-rd life is beaut

  7. Katy

    Being raised Catholic I was very confused. How could an infinite God come as a man? Being discouraged with Church, I rebelled, Which didn’t work and brought me to the end of myself. As my life was a mess I prayed and prayed and asked for truth, then found over 400 Scriptures (most in the Old Testament) that fit the description of Christ. Then I studied with some Jewish people and got their perspective on the whole thing and was very confused as they had very legitimate points. Then I prayed and after, opened right up to Psalm 30:4. As I study the Word, Hebrew I get hungrier and fall more in love with The L-rd. No man knows the infinite Mind of The Almighty, but as the Messianic age com

  8. cliff buchanan

    Eli what text do you ues the king James version or something else .I use the Aramaic. Version I be learn that the king James version has been corrupted by the Jesuit’s. King James was not as sweaky clean
    As some believe history can be the best teacher of. All because man. Can become courrpt and be decieved by hasatan and by other means some taking mans word over the Torah I want to learn more about Yahwehs Sabbath days and all his other feast days can you provide me with the right days of worship and extra..

  9. Brad Thompson

    Since we are not God, only ourselves and God know the root of our intentions. And at times it’s hard for us to find the truth about our intentions due to the noise of culture, up-bringing, and our own preconceptions. This is why spending time praying and in reflection is important.

  10. Brad Thompson

    If people have evil intentions behind an objective, and then carry out their intentions by finding loopholes within the Law, then those actions are sin; that is the action is not in keeping of the Spirit of the Law. I believe this is what Yeshua the Messiah was trying to teach. His people are to search their hearts to find what is motivating them.

    1. Prof. Peter Shirokov

      Can’t disagree with that… 🙂