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Course Description:

Jewish (or Judaic) studies is an academic discipline centered on the study of Jews and Judaism. Jewish studies is interdisciplinary and combines aspects of history (especially Jewish history), Middle Eastern studies, theological studies, archeology, literature, sociology and linguistics. This course will cover topics of particular interest and relevancy to Christian community worldwide.

How often: Once a week.

Lecture time: 1.5 hours.

Length of course: 2.5 months.

Recordings of missed sessions: available

Tuition: to be determined

Some examples of lecture titles:

1)      A Parallel Survey Jewish and Christian histories

2)      Judaism and Christianity: Mother-daughter or siblings?

3)      A survey of First Century Jewish movements: Who is who and why?

4)      Para-Biblical Jewish Literature: How should it be used?

5)      Jewish Studies and the Book of Acts: Early Jewish Christian movement

6)      John’s Gospel: Why is this Israelite Gospel seem anti-Jewish?

7)      John’s Gospel: ReThinking the Samaritan Woman and Israelite Samaritans

8)      John’s Gospel: Recovering the historicity and Jewishness of Jesus

9)      Jewish Studies and Paul: The vision for the worldwide kingdom of Israel

10)  Jewish Studies and Paul: Paul’s Case for the Jews and their God

11)  How to read New Testament as Jewish Literature

12)   Jewish-Christians Relations, Dialogue and Interaction: Is there hope?


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Dr. Eli Lizorkin-EyzenbergTo secure your spot in our new course “The Jewish Background of New Testament” - CLICK HERE NOW

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  1. Sheila

    I would this study. My only drawback is the long lecture, I live in the country and only have satellite for internet. Is there anyway they can be recorded and an audio ordered?
    Thanks for all your informative articles!

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      SHeila, you are welcome. To take this course you MUST have good internet connection since it is done via web conferencing. For now I think you should continue to study via this group that does not require it as much. Where are you located by the way?

  2. Ramonana

    I would also want 2 know what is meant by free Jewish studies?

  3. Borje Persson

    I am interested in this and would like to know what you mean by a free subscription for Jewish studies for Christians?

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Borje, hi. This is study group is free. Explore, comment, read and get people’s feedback. You will also get my research updates 1-2 per week. Courses have tuition that eTeacherBiblical academy sets.

  4. Ramonana

    Thank u very much 4 a detailed resurrection of Lazarus.

  5. Ramonana

    The course is very educational, interesting nd challenging. It will be a priviledge for me to do the course. I,m still negotiating a sponsor. Have a blessed day.

  6. Lester Swartzentruber

    I would also be interested….

  7. ricky campbell

    Soundzgood so far

  8. afranio passareli

    we are waiting

  9. Godfrey Nyamori

    Shalom,what a wonderful course,hopefully i’ll think and reason like a jew

  10. Phyllis J. Williams

    Training that is timely and necessary as Israel continues to be the focal point in modern history conflicts as prophesied in the Bible. It is essential that all people (especially Christians, Jews and Muslims) understand the background and future of the Mideast conflicts as predicted in the Bible. Together we can pave the way to peace by faith in God’s Word which was first preserved by the ancient Hebrews, and later spread to the gentiles as the gospel of Jesus Christ by the Jewish Apostles of the New Testament.

  11. Keith Wilborn

    Much Needed Material,

    I am interested in taking the course. Will need to know how much tuition will be. The fact that it’s going to be in Feb, 2014 allows me some time to prepare schedule and finance wise to take the classes. Hope that price range will be in my budget


    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Keith, hi. We should know very soon. Dr. Eli


    gostaria muito de participar deste curso

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      It would be wonderful to have you with us. Dr. Eli

  13. wolexx

    this program is going to be awesome and also teach / take students to feel of the holy spirit the comforter.

  14. Curryanne Hostetler

    I love the idea. Please let me know if the cost is not crazy and I could do it from a computer or iPad app I am game.

  15. Mark Bradley Cappetta

    SHALOM! Excellent Idea! I am looking forward with much anticipation to February 2014 and the inauguration of this exciting venture into Judeo-Christian studies. We must learn from one another as Jesus was a Jew, so should all Christians delve deeper into such studies. SHALOM! 🙂

  16. Rory Lennox

    This sounds like a very interesting subject. I hope I will be able to participate.

  17. Miriam

    I am interested in the connections between the Torah and the historical Christ. Interested.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Wonderful! I came to the right place! Dr. Eli

  18. Ann-Marie

    We are interested to learn more! Please send us info when it becomes available
    thank you!

  19. Mary Yeh

    I want to take this course very much. Cost….I will pay it! The major problem will be the time it is taught live. I work nights and weekends. I love e-Teacher’s format and student population participation. Dr Eli is so very interesting and well studied. I want to be his student soaking up all his knowledge as best I can.

  20. Sonny Huss

    Congratulations on offering this course!

  21. Sven O. Wangemann-Bobsien

    excellent idea and very much needed. 🙂

  22. Menchu

    Wow! great idea, that would be of great help and surely people will be benefited more of what the ancient history says and the importance of it in today’s lives.

  23. Ayobola

    Sounds exciting.
    Thanks a lot for extending this invitation. Keep me posted please.

  24. hoda mohareb

    i am so glad to send me this invite, this is an opportunities to study parallel history of jewish and christiniaty, search a link and common things are trasures must be discovered and the bases of starting a new , strong realations and benefit of our commom heritage and pearls .

  25. Dr Wesley B Rose

    I am glad you sent me this invite – you know my heart and my passion for study. Perspective is so very important when studying the Bible. So much of the beauty and sheer genius within the scriptures can easily be misunderstood or missed entirely without having the proper frame of mind. I am so looking forward to this study of the may facets of scripture and the fundamental perspectives necessary to truly enjoy and understand the wealth and importance. It looks as if it will be a historian’s key to the candy store.

  26. Naenny Verena

    It is a good Idea, please give me more information when available.
    I hope that you will show the parallism of the Talmud (Mishna an Gemara) as Christians often think that Jesus has taught new things.

  27. Joan Davidson

    Sounds great!! I would love to have more information when it is available. Thanks.

  28. Kristine Holland

    I would truly LOVE to join, please keep me informed Eli. Thank you, I need this teaching to add depth and ‘words’ to my DNA corpora. : )

  29. Eileen Bowen

    I would be interested in this course.

  30. laura

    I would like to take the course, depending on costs and possible transferable college credits. Thank you!

  31. Rev. Marilyn J. Gebert

    I am very interested in this course. Please let me know more details as you can. I have certainly
    enjoyed studying Hebrew with ebiblical for several years.

  32. Daniel

    Your blog is very interesting, i receive your mails every week and are a treasure of knowledge, i’m sorry that can’t always read all of them, because is difficult to me read in english. When can we know de price and conditions of this seminar in january?

    Su blog es muy interesante y recibo sus correos cada semana, son un tesoro de conocimiento bíblico. Siento no poder leerlos todos pero los guardo para poder revisarlos con más tiempo, ya que me cuesta leer en inglés. ¿Cuándo sabremos más de precio y condiciones de su seminario en enero?

  33. Daniel J. Hopkinson, Sr.

    Please keep me informed of the specifics on this course entitled, ‘Introduction to Jewish Studies for Christians’ including any tuition and/or other costs, as I am not one of your students.

    Thank you.

  34. Kerry

    Well done this is very exciting! I have been enjoying our bible studies a lot. I look forward to hearing more about this course.

  35. Elaine Chapman-Smith

    This sounds like a really great course. I just wish that I could afford to do it.

  36. Susan

    I think it is wonderful that we get more bang for our buck with ETeacher. I love that I am learning the language and also have opportunity to learn more about Jewish religion, culture, Israel, etc.

  37. Ruth Brooks

    Sounds fabulous. Would love to participate.

  38. José Raúl Gandarilla

    Shalom. Siempre será de interés las relaciones que a raíz de la religión se hacen necesarios entre judíos y cristianos, pues mutuamente se guardan recelo, cuando al final estarán juntos pues uno es extensión del primero. ¿Cómo serán libradas las diferencias entre estos dos pueblos en un futuro no lejano?. Aguardamos sean fijadas las condiciones del Curso.

  39. Cindy

    Sign me up! I’m definitely interested!

  40. Amie

    This sounds so exciting! I am hoping that the cost will be affordable for my extremely tight budget. Cannot wait to hear more.



  42. Clerio Kropp


    Dr Eli, I am interested in taking the course. Thank you for offering this kind of studies. I will be interested in how much tuition will be and also was curious to know if any form of college credits are available by taking the course.

    Shalom from Brazil!

  43. Marelle theron

    This looks great!! Yes please!!!

  44. Travis

    Would love to join. But cost of tuition would be a determining factor.

  45. Katherine Sheppard

    This is exciting!

  46. Leo


  47. Sandra Wiens

    thanks for the invitation. I am sure it will be very informative and interesting. However, I have very little resources, so cannot afford any class I need to pay for. I am sorry, but I am sure many will be very blessed through this course.

  48. samuel

    DR.Lizorkin-Eyzenberg Me da gusto saludarlo por este medio,con relación al curso titulado “Introducción a los estudios judíos por los cristianos” y los títulos de conferencia, son temas de excelencia, ya que van a fortalecer y a enriquecer mis conocimientos religiosos,lo felicito por esta iniciativa,por favor integre me a su lista de asistentes.Que DI-S lo Bendiga.

  49. Margarita Sabate

    It looks very attracting or interesting, but in my case I am able to read english, but is difficult to understand it on speaking.

  50. David Mitts

    Sounds great

  51. Nancy Arevalo

    I think this is a great idea! I’d like my son and daughter to participate, as well.

  52. Ester Blomerus

    I think it’s great!!! Would like to know the fees. BUT excellent!

    1. Marelle theron

      Ester Blomerus are you from SA??

      1. Ester Blomerus

        Yes! Have we perhaps met somewhere? All the very best! But there are more than one Ester, I think. I am from the Southern Cape.

  53. Peter Carter

    Count me in, is there a cost involved or is this to be run as a MOOC?

    If the course meets the expectations that the blog has given then it will be Lind blowingly good.


  54. Graça Lütz

    I think this course seems very interesting.

  55. Jane Kimpan

    I am interested in taking the course. The final decision is dependent upon the tuition.

  56. Gary Adams

    This sounds like a very good course. Thank you for offering such studies. I will be interested in how much tuition will be and also was curious to know if any form of college credits are available by taking the course.

    Thank you.

    Shalom my friends.

  57. CBrown

    Personally, I would be interested. For me it’s about knowing more. Cost is a major issue for me. therefore, I hope it’s affordable and taught in a manner that is understandable.

  58. Peter Michael Thornber

    A very good and exciting idea, I think.

  59. Alyson

    Sounds very interesting – please keep us posted when we can learn more details about cost and when it will be offered!