The Holy Land Studies Blog

This is a wonderful blog. It is accurate with respect to the Jewish Studies and sympathetic both to self-identified Jews and Christians. I highly recommend it.

– Prof. Daniel Boyarin, Professor of Talmudic Culture, University of California at Berkeley

Down To The River Jordan

The River Jordan, which forms the eastern boundary of the Land of Israel, is one of the most famous biblical bodies of water. It is mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible….

Jesus And The Miracle Of The Swine

One of the well-known miracles performed by Jesus during his Galilean ministry is the healing of the Gadarene demoniacs. Following his stilling of the storm, Jesus crosses over to the eastern shore…

Ancient Miqveh Discovered In Arnona

In recent weeks, archaeologists have uncovered a large ritual bath in the southeastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Arnona (see below). The ancient bath was found underground in the course of the construction of a…

In The Heartland Of Jerusalem

The account of Jesus’ giving of the “sign of Jonah” is found in two of the four gospels (Matthew 12:38-42 and Luke 11:29-32) with an important difference. In both versions of the story Jesus is…

Why Is The Book Of Ruth Read On Shavuot?

  The Jewish festival of Pentecost – one of the three biblical pilgrimage feasts – will be celebrated by Jews around the world on Sunday May 24. The Hebrew name for the…

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