The Jewish Background Of The New Testament Course (feb. 2014)



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  1. Paulo Pereira Martins Junior, Dr.Sc.T.

    Dear Professors

    I am a man of science. In my childhood my education was in a Presbyterian church and I recieved a strong theological education.

    As a geologist (Dr.Sc,T) I have a lot of restrictions to many views from many biblical contexts. Contrarywise I live my life with a deep loving experience towards GOD – a paradoxe ?!?

    Also I love the Jewish heritage anda I greet you for this opportunity.


    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Welcome to the group, Dr. Pereira The Book of Creation and the Book of Scripture has one and the same ultimate Author :-). What is a paradox if not apparent contradiction?! Dr. Eli

  2. Louis Cladder

    Very interesting. I am looking forward more info about the lessons and costs and subscription.

  3. Emosi Tuinabewa

    BULA VINAKA! I’m from FIJI and would like to know, how much is the tuition?

  4. Maureen Harrison

    Thank you for the offer. It sounds a great course.
    I have been studying much of that material over the last 70 years. At the moment I’m just concentrating on the Biblical Hebrew, now level B, is enough for me. Anything else is always acceptable but only as a byway. I really enjoy learning anything about Messiah, especially as is shown throughout the Torah and the Tanach so that we know and recognize Him. Academic accreditation is not what I am aiming at. What I learn and have learnt, I share freely, now over many years, that others may come to know and find faith in the Name that is above every other Name, Yeshua H’Meshiach ,B’ Shem Adonai.
    Maureen Harrison

  5. RamonAntonio

    Interesting design. Reminds me of some antique Roman bath floors recently uncovered.
    The design, the colors… Only the snakes are missing… Just add water, a robe and an invalid in turn…
    And then Jesus might show up again…

  6. James J. DeFrancisco

    Dr. Eli,

    Very exciting. Excellent curricullum for this much needed course of study. Keep me informed of progress as this course develops.

  7. Ester Blomerus

    I love it and would like to participate. Thanks for your prompt feedback! Would love to know the starting date.

  8. Mädeli C

    I would be very interested in doing this study with you, Dr. Eli and as eTeacher is still inpossession of the tuition fees I paid for a Hebrew course, which they seem to be reluctant to have me reregister for (as I could never do it due to an insufficient internet connection at the time of the course), I am wondering if those fees (a total of $800+), could rather be applied to registration for your course/s?

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      I think it can be arranged. Please, ask me to help with this in Dec. when enrollment will start. Dr. Eli

  9. Gaea Singer

    Love the opportunity, and I thank you for all your efforts Dr. Eli. I also thank eteacherwebinar for their cooperation with you.

    I am going to contact them to find out the price,, because I could not find out the tuition cost or the 50% of cost.


  10. Jenny Wells

    Dear Dr. Lizorkin,

    Why do we merely focus on defining the leadership of first century Judaism as divided between the Pharisees and the Sadducees … why is there so little teaching about the divisions between the Pharisees themselves?

    Thank you.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Jenny, there many reasons I think. One reason is that people teaching on first century do not have a strong background in Rabbinics (we are talking about specialist even like myself). Some do, but it is very rear. Second reason is that Rabbinical materials are questionable sources by definition. They are late and had a lot of editing through the ages, so we don’t know what is early and what is late. In other words they historically unreliable materials. More over the Rabbinic materials do not presume that pharisees are “the fathers so to speak” of the future rabbis. The materials have a lot of criticisms towards pharisees. So it is complicated and complex. Let’s keep on thinking together on this, OK? Dr. Eli