Building The Temple And Reuniting All Israel

by James T. Mace

This paper is an evaluative research essay in response to Scott W. Hahn, Kinship by Covenant.

The Davidic covenant and its fulfillment by Jesus is a key aspect which I will address, particularly regarding the temple and the reunification of the kingdom. First I will summarize Hahn’s position on these two points as found in chapter seven, “The Davidic Grant-Type Covenant” (176-213), and in chapter eight, “Davidic Covenant Fulfillment in Luke-Acts” (217-37).

In the second part of the paper, I will compare, contrast, and evaluate
Hahn’s views regarding the temple and reunification from the perspective of other scholarly approaches while also setting forth my own views regarding the fulfillment of these aspects by Jesus in Luke-Acts.

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  1. jane z. mazzola

    Thank you for your analysis of Dr. Hahn’s book & contrasts/comparisons w/other scholars as well as yourself, Mr.(Dr?) Pace. It seems that Hahn’s & your focused themes on Jesus’ reunification purposes for Israel found in Luke-Acts, parallel Dr. Eli’s in his studies & new book on the Gospel of John.
    In regard to Hahn’s writings, of which I have read earlier ones, his later reads have seemed to be more apologetic for a particular group, rather than unbiased Biblical scholarship. In light of your article, however, I shall have to revisit some of his writings & search for some others you discussed.
    Thanks again.

  2. Donald Ashton

    The first Temple – Solomon’s Temple was built and Israel was united.
    The second Temple – Herod’s Temple – was built but Israel was not re-united.
    The third Temple is yet to be built and Israel will be re-united in their own land.
    The fourth Temple – the new Jerusalem – will appear from above for ever for all the people of YHWH on the new Earth.

    1. James T. Mace

      Just to make clear, that is your opinion, Donald, not what I say in the paper to which Eli links. In that paper I show how the NT teaches that Jesus is the Davidic Messiah who reunites Israel and reestablishes the temple in which Yahweh dwells, the Church which is the Israel of God composed of both Judaean and Samaritan Israelites and all those grafted into them from the Nations. God has no more interest in physical temples indicated in Scripture.