God’s Voice By Dr. Steve Brown (key Life Network)

Ok…. if you are going to listen to a Christian sermon one day. Make it a good one. As for me I have only two preachers that I listen to. Timothy Keller is one of them, Steve Brown is another. Enjoy… and let me know what you think! Steve was a preaching professor, during my so-long-ago-seminary days. A good man.

Some times it was hard not to confuse his voice with God’s. You will shortly know what I mean :-).

You can visit Steve’ page here.


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  1. Kat Hobaugh

    I liked that he mentioned that God’s answers to our questions are in the Bible. Way,way back I asked God the right questions, but didn’t know where to look for God’s answers. I SAW his Bible(?)and felt nervous for new believers. Many, many people cash in on the word Bible. I now recognize God’s voice, but my Pastor helped me pick out a Bible as a new believer.

  2. Kristine Holland

    His voice resonates with confidence, intelligence and projected dialogue, flowing with wise sayings, modern concepts and Biblical insights.

    He has not slipped away, nor shall I, as my faith is certain…As…once you have tasted the sweetness of the Lord, you will never forget, never turn away, and never slip into darkness…. though the enemy taunt and try, my Lord’s mind entwines mine…

  3. Norell Mounger

    Taking a class in Biblical Hebrew has been a wonderful experience. I wanted to read the Bible in the original language because I wanted to know what it really said, and not what someone told me it said. I feel like for the first time I am discovering “The Truth”. Many churches out there just want to make people have a nice week. There is so much more to the spiritual life than that. So many questions to ask, so many answers to seek.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      I am so glad to hear that. Everyone who is reading and did not yet take a class with us. Let me know if you are interested.

  4. Richard Peters

    Dr. Brown has embraced vulnerability in the Christian life with a celebration of confidence! This dynamic coupled with his mastery of oratory skills would press on anyone. His polemic on the truth reminds me that we all must come to Jesus with childlike faith! Thank you for the chance to hear this. I love this guy!!

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      you nailed it, Richard.

  5. Dianne Wickens

    First thanks for sharing this talk, I watched all 8 parts.It is my first time hearing Dr Steve Brown and I enjoyed his warmth, humor and heart for God very much. Thanks for the encouragement “to speak the truth because we are His” and He is the truth. I am sick and tired of worrying about offending someone. This age of tolerance has just about shut our mouths. As Christians we buy into the “just live your life in front of them” slogan and are silenced. So I appreciate anyone who stirs my heart for God, to stand up on His truth, after all it’s not about me!

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Dianne, thanks for your comment!

  6. Lois Eaton

    Where in the Scriptures does it say that we go to Heaven when we die?

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      Lois, are you serious? Unless I am misunderstanding your question the Scriptures are full of places that speak of life after death. Rev. 21 though is my favorite, though.

  7. Linda Fentner

    Dr. Eli,
    I enjoyed listening to Steve Brown,but he didn’t irritated or offended me. I think his talk was very rewarding and enjoyed how he expresses himself in his preaching. I could relate with his sense of humor and truth he speaks. I have found myself in the same pain of see many people in pain and suffering, my tears that fall and my heart broken to see how people turn away from G-d. So,I too am shame of all the sins I commit but know G-d loves me and has put a mission in my heart which is to gain soul for Him! That is all I am care about; yesterday, today and tommorrow! The Word of G-d’s light began(and I am only going to say this very briefly and condensed) with the Israelites through the desert to the Torah and down through the Christian faith, inviting all to a relationship with G-d himself. This needs to be passed on to all who will listen. Ba-r’chu et A-do-nai ha-m’vo-rach!Ba-ruch A-do-nai ha-m’vo l’o-lam va-ed! Shalom, Linda

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      The righteous rejoice!

  8. Michelle

    Ah, Steve Brown. I had the opportunity to hear him in person many, many years ago. I love his heart. I love his perspective.

    Thanks for sharing this, Dr. Eli! I hadn’t heard a sermon of Dr. Brown’s in a while.

    He said one thing that stood out to me: “God greases the tracks in the direction you want to go.” I’m trying to support this thought with Scripture. God doesn’t tempt any man (James 1:13), and God doesn’t rejoice in evil (I Cor. 13:6). I’m not saying Dr. Brown is wrong, not at all. But does God truly “grease the tracks” for someone who is bent on doing evil?

    Thoughts, anyone?

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      I think any metaphor to describe the ways of God is only partially right. God is in this way indescribable. I think there are some things in Scriptures to support that. Do you remember the “deceiving spirits send by God”? (look it up). Crowning of Saul the king also comes to mind. But as I said it is a limited metaphor though still a true one.

      1. Michelle

        Good point, Dr. Eli. And the secret things belong to God.

        Yes, I do remember the story of Ahab in the OT, and the phrase in II Thessalonians about God sending a “strong delusion.” But in both cases, the people who were “led astray” by the deceiving spirit were already far from God, and not really listening for His Voice at all, right? I mean, it was Jehoshaphat who wanted to hear from the Lord, not Ahab. Ahab couldn’t care less what God thought. He loved his “prophets” who tickled his ears. And after they spoke, it was Jehoshaphat once again who asked for a “prophet of the Lord.” And Micaiah spoke God’s Truth, which Ahab didn’t like at all and didn’t want to hear.

        Now, the other twist to all this is, what we’re reading in I Kings is Micaiah’s explanation of what he saw in Heaven. It’s being spoken through human interpretation and human inspiration, which influences the description. Perhaps.

        And the OTHER thing… Micaiah says the “host of Heaven” were all around the LORD, and then a “spirit” stepped forward. Granted, I may be picking on something here, but can we be certain that this spirit was also an angel of the LORD’s host? If it was an angel, then why didn’t Micaiah say that an angel approached the LORD? This all reminds me of when satan approached God’s throne in the book of Job.

        Once again, all this discussion challenges me to go deeper, which is why I love this.

  9. RamonAntonio

    Jesus, an unknown preacher from Galilee over his 30’s who had a knowledge far beyond what was supposed to be. And he dared to speak against scribes, pharisees, sadducees and almost any figure of authority known. In fact, he dared to speak in the name of God and even called HIM, the Unknowable, the Unspeakable whose name was never to be pronounced, and even called him Abba.
    So all people in Galilee and around were most probably hearing someone preach in the image that we now see of Dr. Brown. Irreverent, daring, defying but most of all… speaking the truth. A new kind of truth, The Truth.
    Thanks for the recommendation to hear from this marvelous preacher. He has confirmed a lot of my personal musings. And he truly deserves to be heard… not for what he says, but for what he reminds us…To look for Him who is The Truth…

  10. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

    Be the first one to get the conversation about this talk by Steve Brown. He wanted to irritate and offend some of you. Did he succeed? 🙂