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“Most students of Christianity are ignorant of Jewish Studies, while students of classical Judaism are generally clueless of their Christian counterpart. Yet neither can be properly understood when considered only apart. The Jewish Studies for Christians study group, therefore, is a rare find.”
(Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi , Professor of Talmudic Literature, Tel Aviv University)
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  1. Drs. Charles van den Berg

    It is a false contrast to speak about Judaism and Christianity as if they are two different religions. They are two flows of the same religion. Both with there are good and bad elements, arising from decisions in the past and subsequent developments. Jews who deny their Messiah, and Christians who did not understand always their Messiah and His work, is a great part of the deal. Sometimes I feel difficulty when they ask me to reveal my religious identity. In the actual situation of today, I always get a wrong label. So, in the context or Jewish Studies for Christains, I feel good and at home.

    1. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

      well put. eli

  2. Jane Neal

    Looking forward to learning more on the “One new Man” theme of Romans – Very enthusiastic and eager. Jane Neal

  3. berhanu shewareged

    no, every Christian has the ambition to know the Jews history and their religious practice and one can curse, hate Jerusalem , the one who hate Israel will fight with God the fruit will be bankruptcy but it is necessary to follow the teaching of THE SON OF GOD ,ANY DOCTRINE which is contrary to the gospel is not tolerable…………

  4. Johnson Kanduri

    This study help for me to preach the Bible in my villages and in churches
    Thank you

  5. Gustavo Vargas Angel

    Dear Dr.:
    The whole arguments on this post, has came to enlightening my former readings and understandings about a lot of things, perhaps because twisted intentions of preachers,or simply misunderstanding from myself ideas about. I need more of your guidance for a better understanding of Holy Book. I hope some more light from your studies. Best regards.

  6. Erica Elie Prass

    Looking forward to this course. (Jew and Gentile together – one new man). Thank you Dr. Eli.

  7. Marianna

    Dr. Eli, Thank you for this study. This is a great help to my personal and public study. When I think on past studies and teaching, I think “I wish I had known this information then. Looking forward to more learning, Marianna

  8. Keziah Gyang

    It’s a welcome development

  9. Rev. Dale Anderson

    Enlightend n from traditional Chritianity to a Christian/Hebraic understanding I’m eggar to learn more.

  10. Ricardo Neme Nasralla

    But writing the truth, say what we deduce.
    Religious when they say “I am a Jew” or “I am a Christian” with pride, have difficulty. For now we move, we feed and rest. But we came from dust and to dust we shall return.
    Pride impedes learning.
    Being humble is not agreeing to a mere ignorant belief to please anyone. Nor lower his head in servile state, state to which we are reduced by the power of the rulers. Humility is to realize that we are no better than our fathers. We are no better than any of our ancestors and even the single-celled organism that gave rise to life. All of us are on the way! Only in this way can be one.